122nd canton Fair edition

The Canton Fair is an international import and export exhibition, held in the Pazhou Complex, in the city of Guangzhou, South Eastern China. The fair has a total exhibition ground of more than 1,200,000 square meters and attracts buyers from almost every country in the world. With over 220,000 buyers, it's considered to be the largest import and export exhibition worldwide. The Canton Fair is held twice a year – once in April/May, and again in October/November. Each session has 3 phases, with almost every product imaginable being presented during one of the themed phases. The upcoming session will be the 122nd session of the Canton Fair and will begin 15th of October. The phases will be as follows:
Phase 1:   15 October - 19 October
Phase 2:   23 October - 27 October
Phase 3:   31 October -  4 November

You will require a badge to gain access to the Canton Fair, but once you have one, your badge will grant you access to all three phases and is valid for a lifetime. The only situation in which you would need to replace your badge is if you lose it. Replacement costs are 200 RMB and can be applied for through the “apply for a badge” section on this website. Your badge or badge replacement can be picked up at any participating hotel, or at one of our preferred partner hotels, upon request.

The sessions of the Canton Fair are counted, beginning with the first exhibition held in April 1957. This coming October is, therefore, the 122nd time the fair has been held, always twice a year. Therefore, it is the fair’s 60th year of operation. If you require further information regarding the different phases, or you would like to book airline tickets or discounted hotels, please contact us right away!